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2018 Autumn Update

Autumn 2018 … at the beach

The New Website is up

As advised in the March News post 2018 – Website changes were going to be made to the koitiata.nz web site. The new site is up and running with changes made to content and as you may already have noticed, there has also been a complete makeover of the site’s design and layout. The visiting audience for koitiata.nz has always been predominately from outside of the village, so the focus of the revamped site is on presenting Koitiata to that audience in an informative and visual manner. Content has been revamped to reflect that focus. The History pages and that content remains as before; it is intended that additional subjects and material will be added in the future.


going down

While some things are going up there are others going down. This is taking ‘off-roading’ to an extreme level and fortunately the only injury sustained was to Ken’s pride.

coming up

… but then they can come up again, in a round-about way, and after many hours of toil and a little help from your friends.

not coming up

Coming up is not always as easy as going down and a little help from your friends is very handy when the coming up bit from the ‘enchanted forest’ doesn’t go according to plan. And as we know the driver of that Honda always has a camera to hand. Passing it out to enable the occasion to be recorded was the condition imposed in exchange for getting help to get unstuck.

going under

This ‘taking your vehicle for a mid-night swim’ stuff is getting a bit out of hand. It’s only shallow at the top.

gone down

It went down quietly during the night but the sound of gnashing teeth and exploding indignation could be heard throughout the village the next day. Raucous laughter and hoots of derision added to the cacophony of sound heard in the town. They were noisy times.

Always a bargain

Residents of Koitiata were spotted out shopping for the latest developments in spycam protection technology for the beach.

A tree has fallen in Koitiata.

Tom Dooney’s passing is not only a loss for his family and the village, it also means that the experience of staying at the camping ground will never be the same.

Tom looked after the Koitiata camp ground and it’s travelling tenants for 25 years and their experience is best summed up by the following two quotes taken from the comments recorded on Rankers;  “…and a nice old chap managing the campsite definitely worth visiting…” and “…owner is a lovely old man across the street…”.

He will be missed by those camp regulars who were welcomed like family. Tom treated all camp ground guests as part of his community.

Interim arrangements have been made for caretaking of the camp; refer to Camping Ground page here Camping Ground 


Hedge Trimming

There’s a new hedge trimming team in town. First job was a bit messy but they have been spotted down the beach working on their technique.

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