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History of Camp Ground

History of Camp Ground

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When Koitiata began it was just one big camping ground. The first designated camp ground was at the end of Omanu street on the grass area known as the ‘domain’.
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Description and Content

Camping Ground: Page 33, from the book, “100 Years At The Beach”.

Docs-1962: 1 page. Plans of 1st public toilet & changing sheds.
Map-1963: 1 page. Map showing proposed Camp Site, Omanu street.
Photo-1967: 1 page. Aerial photo of 1st toilet & changing sheds, in ‘Teone street’.
Docs-1977: 2 pages. Plans & news item re new facilities; as they are now.
Docs-1982: 4 pages. Proposal to move camping ground from Omanu street.
Docs-1983: 3 pages. Oops, camping ground not going to be moved.
Docs-1987: 2 pages. Oops again! Camping ground is being moved.
Docs-1987: B, 1 pages. Camp has been moved to Rapaki street.
Docs-1988: 3 pages. Camp is very happy to be in Rapaki street!
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