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Causeway & Ford

Causeway & Ford

The other major achievement of the Koitiata community is the beach access causeway. Many who use the track to the beach are not aware that it is man-made via the efforts and labour of Koitiata residents. Although the access is currently high and dry, the documents and photos below show that getting over to the beach can at times be a challenge.
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Description and Content

Causeway and Ford: Pages 30 and 31, from the book, “100 Years At The Beach”.

Documents & Clippings-2000: 6 pages. Proposal for causeway & ford.

Documents-2001: 10 pages. Planning and proposal for ford.

Clippings & Photos-2001: 3 pages. Building the causeway.

Documents & Clipping-2001: 11 pages. Approval & copy of consent for the ford.

Newsletter, Photos, Clipping-2001: 5 pages. Building the ford.

Clippings-2002 & 2003: 4 pages. Newspaper items about the new ford.

Photos-2004-2008: 1 page. Using the ford, wet and dry.

Photos-2008 & 2016: 1 page. The ford very wet and very dry.

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