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Getting Serviced

Getting Serviced

When the village started, the streets were just tracks in the sand. There was no electricity, no telephones, no street lights, no services of any kind for almost the first fifty years. Electricity arrived in 1965 and everything else followed.

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Description and Content

Getting Serviced: Page 22, from the book, “100 Years At The Beach”.

Documents-1920: 5 pages. Application & plan for shop for Alfred Yarrow.

Documents-1956: 8 pages. Electricity line between 31 & 33 Rapaki St.

Documents-1960 to 1964: A, 6 pages. Trying to get electricity to the village.

Documents-1960 to 1964: B, 8 pages. Getting electricity into the village.

Map-1964: 1 page. Plan for electricity line from Tunnel Hill to village.

Documents-1965 to 1979: 8 pages. Getting street lights in Koitiata.

Documents-1965 to 1969: 7 pages. Never did get a public phone box.

Documents-1959 to 1971: 9 pages. Documents referring to street sealing.

Map-1979: 1 page. Map of new and current street numbering system.

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