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Hall and Fire Shed

Hall and Fire Shed

The Koitiata hall and fire shed complex is a prime example of what community effort can achieve. It began in late 1981 and six stages of expansion have resulted in the facilities we have today. That process is depicted in the photos, news clippings and other documents accessible below.
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Description and Content

Hall and Fire Shed: Pages 28 and 29, from the book, “100 Years At The Beach”.

Documents-1981: A, 6 pages. Stage 1, start of the hall & fire shed buildings.

Documents-1981: B, 3 pages. Stage 1, start of the hall & fire shed buildings.

Documents-1984: A, 1 page. Stage 2, plans of kitchen and toilet block. 

Documents-1984: B, 5 pages. Stage 2, adding the kitchen and toilet block. 

Documents-1985: A, 1 page. Stage 3, plans for extension to hall.

Photos-1985: B, 1 page. Stage 3, doing the extensions to hall.

Documents-1985: C, 3 pages. Stage 3, newsletter re extensions to hall.

Clipping-1985: D, 1 page. Stage 3, opening of extended hall.

Documents-1985: E, 2 pages. Stage 3, newsletter re hall extensions.

Documents-1987: A, 2 pages. Stage 4, new stand-alone fire shed.

Clipping-1987: B, 1 page. Stage 4, news report on new fire shed.

Documents-1993: A, 1 page. Stage 5, residents decide on store room.

Documents-1993: B, 1 page. Stage 5, plans for store room extension.

Photo-2001: A, 1 page. Stage 6, building new fire shed to replace 1987 build.

Clipping-2001: B, 1 page. Stage 6, getting ready for opening of new shed.

Clipping-2001: C, 1 page. Stage 6, opening of the new fire shed.

Clipping-2001: D, 1 page. Stage 6, new fire shed has been opened & loaded.

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