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Bowling Green

Bowling Green

Every community has it’s local myths and Koitiata has it’s share, several relating to the Bowling Green. That block of land in Wainui street has been the subject of a variety of views and conjecture within our village, as to its status and access. It is said that one should never let the facts get in the way of a good myth, but this is history, so read on.

There are three sections in the Bowling Green, all on one title and all owned by Rangitikei District Council. The hall section is also on that same title, for convenience because all of the sections have the same owner.

The unofficial name bestowed on the area came from a project which commenced in 1972, to create a bowling green. As the first document below illustrates, it was a well intentioned project, but it never came to fruition. To enable that project, the Koitiata Community Council bestowed the designation of recreation reserve on that block of land. Since that projected use never eventuated, the land has just idled away its time at the beach as the Bowling Green.

That is, until a resident showed an interest in buying one of the Bowling Green sections in 1997. The documents accessible below are the communications between KRC and RDC that followed. In response to the advice from RDC on the sale enquiry, the community’s myths and conjecture regarding ownership, access and usage were put to paper.

The community’s concerns were responded to by RDC with legal advice from their lawyers. That document should have served to put to rest all the speculation that existed in the village regarding the status of the Bowling Green sections. Unfortunately it appears the information was not widely distributed within the community. If it had been the myth would not have lasted another 20 years. So the bowling green went back to just being at the beach, with its mythical landlocked status remaining.

The last document below is a copy of an email from RDC, 3rd February 2017. The content confirms that the status of the Bowling Green is the same today as it was in 1997, and the map illustrates the Right-of-Way from Wainui street. It was a good myth while it lasted!

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Description and Content

Document-1972-87: 1 page. Extracts from documents on bowling green project.

Documents-1997: 5 pages. Advice from RDC re proposed sale of section.

Documents-1997: 4 pages. Letter from KRC to RDC and response from RDC.

Document-1997: 2 pages. Legal advice to RDC re ‘Bowling Green’ status.

Document-2017: 1 page. Emailed verification of status of Bowling Green.

Map-2017: 1 page. Map extract showing Right-of-Way into Bowling Green.
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