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Rapaki Street Signs

Rapaki Street Signs

Rapaki street only ever had one street sign, pointing to the northern end. Traffic looking for a Rapaki street property usually turned up that way, even when trying to locate a property in the southern end of the street.

A request was made to RDC in 2005 and this resulted in an additional sign being erected, pointing south. Great … except, nothing should be simple if it can be made complex.The new sign pointing to Rapaki street south was spelt incorrectly as “Rapakai”.

This was brought to the attention of RDC who duly passed this to the Department of Signs and eventually another sign was erected. There was now one pointing north and the other to the southern end.

But … the problem now was that the new sign was also spelt as “Rapakai”, to match the first incorrectly spelt sign. So now there were two signs, both with incorrect spelling.

So back to the Department of Signs with red faces all round. Eventually both signs were replaced, both with the correct spelling of Rapaki.

And this tale may even provide a clue as to the correct pronunciation of Rapaki.

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Description and Content

Document-2006: 1 page. Letter from KRC to RDC regarding signs ‘problem’.
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