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Closing Teone Street

Closing Teone Street

As you read through our village’s history, one thing you will not come across is any record of ‘Teone Street’ being named or officially designated as a street. Teone is not an official street, and although it may appear on some maps, it is actually a track in the reserve area, and not even within the Koitiata township boundaries. At some time in the past it was labelled as ‘Teone’ and that it shall remain.

Even though it is not an official street, it serves as the way to the camping ground entrance, to the public toilets, provides vehicle access to the playground area and it’s the bit that joins the village to the beach access causeway. It is reasonably important; so why has so much energy and effort been expended on schemes to close Teone street?

In the first half of 2001 there were great goings-on about Teone street. A barrier was erected, and then it was taken down; very confusing. A series of letters between KRC and RDC (accessable below) serve to illustrate the level of confusion and also enlighten us to the street’s status. The letters also tell us a few other things, but we will leave that up to you to work out. Conclusion was that Teone street was not being closed.

So that’s settled then. But, no it’s not. Two years later in 2003 the closure of Teone street comes to the top of the pile again! This time it was via a direct submission to RDC from individual resident(s) but the community’s wishes prevailed and the closure request was binned again.

The documents available below record the Teone street saga. To access them use the OPEN buttons. If a separate viewer window opens, it can be closed via your browser’s back arrow/command.

Description and Content

Documents-2001: 2 pages. Letters from/to KRC/RDC re closure of Teone street.

Document-2001: 1 page. Extract from KRC minutes re closure of Teone street.

Document-2003: 1 page. Minutes of KRC re Teone street closure, again.

Document-2003: 1 page. Letter from KRC to RDC re attempts to close Teone street.
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