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Village Entrance

Entrance to the Village

The entrance to our village was created during the years 1996 to 2000. The scheme started in 1996 with a proposal for a Welcome to Koitiata sign.

This wasn’t going to any ordinary sign, this would be a you-are-very-close-to-the-sea kind of sign. The proposal was to use a 1.4m diameter steel buoy as an entrance sign. It was to be suspended from a 2m wide by 2.6m high frame and suitably painted and sign written with “Welcome to Koitiata”.

It never happened and after being rejected as a sign, the buoy was placed into the lagoon. It was hoped that it would float and become a ‘jumping-off-thingy’ for kids. A photo taken in 2004 shows the buoy stranded on the bank of the lagoon to the south of the village. It was ‘salvaged’ a few years later by a village ‘collector of things’.

The next stage of our village entrance was the creation of the entrance threshold and gardens in 1999. The threshold was designed as a traffic management device, intending to slow traffic by narrowing the road.

The current Welcome to Koitiata sign was created and installed in 2000. An extract from KRC minutes of March 2000 show that it was a community project with input from a number of village residents and erected by RDC.

Plans and a photo of the buoy, and other documents are accessible below. To access them use the OPEN buttons. If the site’s separate viewer window opens, it can be closed via your browser’s back arrow/command..

Description and Content

Document & Plans: 2 pages. Letter to RDC and plans for buoy sign.

Photo-2004: 1 page. Photo of buoy on bank of lagoon.

Documents-2000: 2 pages. Plans of threshold and information re current sign.
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