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Water Scheme

Water Scheme

A map, probably from the late 1960’s, shows a sketched out plan for a Proposed Water Supply for the township of Koitiata.

The source was to be a well and pump located on the southern edge of the ‘domain’. The pipeline then running along Omanu street, then branching both ways into and along Wainui street, and then branching into Rapaki street, north and south.

It would have been easy digging for the pipelines, our streets were not sealed at that time. There is an estimate written on the map of $8000 which with inflation would be at about $304,000 today, (March 2017).

The map can be viewed below; to access use the OPEN button. If the site’s separate viewer window opens, it can be closed via your browser’s back arrow/command.

Description and Content

Map-1960’s: 1 page. Map with outline of proposed water scheme.

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