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Organising the People

Organising the People

Projects like the Hall and the Causeway are great examples of the Koitiata community’s organisational abilities and the achievements of the residents committees and other bodies that have existed throughout our history. The 70+ documents available below record the ongoing ability of our community to organise.
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Description and Content

Organising the People: Page 32, from the book, “100 Years At The Beach”.
Documents-1968, 69, 72: 3 pages. Minutes of community meetings.

Document-1978, 79: 4 pages. Meeting reports; reference to Residents Association.

Document-1980: A, 3 pages. Turakina Beach Residents Association meeting.

Document-1980: B, 3 pages. Constitution of Koitiata as a Community & the proposal for the Koitiata Community Council.

Document-1981: 2 pages. Community Council’s chairman’s newsletter.

Document-1982: 4 pages. Community Council’s chairman’s newsletter.

Document-1983: 3 pages. Meeting of Koitiata Ratepayers and Residents.

Document-1984: A, 3 pages. May, Community Council newsletter.

Document-1984: B, 3 pages. October, Community Council newsletter.

Document-1985: 3 pages. Community Council newsletter.

Document-1986: 2 pages. Community Council newsletter.

Document-1987: A, 3 pages. Financial report of Community Council.

Document-1987: B, 3 pages. Engineer’s report of Community Council.

Document-1988: A, 5 pages. Community Council minutes.

Document-1988: B, 3 pages. Chairman’s Report.

Document-1989: 3 pages. Last meeting of Community Council.

Document-1990: A, 2 pages. First meeting Koitiata Resident’s Committee.

Document-1990: B, 3 pages. Meeting Koitiata Resident’s Committee.

Document-1990: C, 3 pages. Meeting Koitiata Resident’s Committee.

Document-1990: D, 4 pages. Annual General Meeting KRC.

Document-1993: 1 page. Annual Report KRC.

Document-1995: A, 4 pages. Resident’s & Social committees combined.

Document-1995: B, 4 pages. Resident’s Committee goes into recess.

Document-1997: 1 page. Resident’s Committee comes back!

Document-2000: A, 2 pages. Resident’s Committee minutes.

Document-2000: B, 3 pages. Annual general meeting Resident’s Committee.

Document-2003: 1 pages. Resident’s Committee chairman’s report.
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