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‘Recollections’ is a collection of documents that we have been given by residents, and also information gleaned from other publications. Of particular value and interest are those records of people’s personal experiences during those early years when Koitiata was just a few baches amongst the dunes.
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Description and Content

Recollections: Pages 26 and 27, from the book, “100 Years At The Beach”.

Recollection-1914: 1 page. Newspaper clipping 1964; Scott Cameron’s memories.

Recollection-1930-48: 2 pages. Turakina beach memories, Maurice Heidrich.

Recollection-1930’s: 2 pages. Pages from the Allpress Family History book.

Recollection-1930’s: 4 pages. Recollections of Koitiata from Ross Cameron.

Recollection-1940’s: 2 pages. Memories of Koitiata from Charles Haar.

Recollection-1940’s: 3 pages. Excerpts from ‘A Kid’s Life’ by Charles Haar.

Recollection-1961: 3 pages. Newspaper clipping, 1997, Maisie & Hilton Farr and other Koitiata residents.

Recollection-2004: 5 pages. Memories of the 2004 flood, from Joyce Smith.

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