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Socialising the Village

Socialising the Village

It’s not just the organising that has made Koitiata a community, it’s the social stuff that does it too. Social activities have always been up there at the top of the community’s priority list, and what better way to have social activities than with a Social Committee to organise it! The documents and photos below verify that socialising is a priority in Koitiata.

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Description and Content

Socialising the Village: Page 34, from the book, “100 Years At The Beach”.

Documents-1982: 4 pages. Socialising was an organized activity.
Documents-1984: 2 pages. Socialising activities are all go.
Documents-1985: 3 pages. Bowls and cards and bands.
Documents-1987-88: 5 pages. Recreation afternoons and nights!.
Documents-1994: 3 pages. Trees and a Social Committee report.
Photos-1990-1997: 2 pages. Social activities captured on film.
Clipping-2005: 1 page. News report on a hot New Years Eve do at the hall! 
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