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Village for Sale

Village for Sale

The village’s site had been chosen, sections surveyed, and then 39 sections were auctioned. The documents and news clippings below show there was a demand for ‘seaside resort’ sections.

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Description and Content

Village for Sale: Pages 8 and 9, from the book, “100 Years At The Beach”.

Document-1919: 1 page. Auction poster of sections for lease.

Clippings-1919: 2 pages. Newspaper clippings about auction of sections.

Clippings-1920-24: 4 pages. Newspaper clippings about sections & Koitiata.

Documents-1920: A, 3 pages. Lists of section owners in Koitiata.

Documents-1920-24: B, 3 pages. Lists of section owners in Koitiata.

Documents-1926: C, 1 page. Lists of section owners in Koitiata.
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