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Village Grows

Village Grows

Rapaki street had been abandoned. The village centered on Omanu street and from the early 1950’s, when building started again in Rapaki street, Koitiata continued to grow. The collection of aerial photos, maps, and other documents available below illustrate the development of Koitiata.

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Description and Content

Village Grows: Pages 16 to 21, from the book, “100 Years At The Beach”.

Aerial Photos-1942 to 1968: 3 pages. Aerial photos of village.

Aerial Photo-1973: 1 page. Aerial photo of village.

Aerial Photo-1979: 1 page. Aerial photo of village.

Aerial Photos-1998: 2 pages. Aerial photos of village.

Aerial Photo-2010: 1 pages. Aerial photo of village.

Documents-1950: 2 pages. Referring to the Omanu street subdivision.

Documents -1958-60: 5 pages. Getting land for Wainui street subdivision.

Documents -1963: 3 pages. Go-ahead for Wainui street subdivision.

Documents -1964: 3 pages. Plan & costs of Wainui street subdivision.

Documents -1964: 4 pages. New Wainui street vs old baches.

Document-1962: 1 page. Has reference to population and dwellings.

Document-1974: 2 pages. Outline on future village expansion.

Document-1983: 2 pages. Proposal ‘A’ for village expansion.

Map-1983: 1 page. Plan ‘A’ for village expansion.

Document4-1984: 2 pages. Proposal ‘B’ for village extension.

Map-1984: 1 page. Plan ‘B’ for village extension.

Documents-1986: 4 pages. New Rapaki street subdivision.

Clippings-1987 to 90’s: 4 pages. News about Rapaki street.
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