December 2017 

This one is the final-last-that’s-all newsletter for 2017. There is a limited quantity print edition being distributed for those in the village who are not connected to the internet (and who also have a mail box). 

Yes, ‘tis Xmas and the season to be jolly. There were two Xmas events held in the village in December.

The kids Christmas at the park was a fun day for all. There were a lot of laughs in the sack race, the three-legged race and the lemon & spoon race. Great excitement and fun. Worked up an appetite for the sizzled sausages and yummy jellies. Santa’s arrival in the fire engine caused squeals of delight, almost as much as for the traffic light jellies!

A big thank you from the kids and the community to Suzi, Lynda and Jeanette, and everyone who helped to make it a fantastic event. Well done Koitiata.

Kids Xmas Party – December 2017

(Link at bottom of page for more photos on the Year in Review page)

Christmas Pot Luck was another sumptuous feast. About fifty people attended and celebrated in style. Winners of the Christmas Hampers were; 1st Ben Nevis, 2nd Robin Mant, 3rd Deborah Lombard.

Xmas Pot Luck – 2017

(Link at bottom of page for more photos on the Year in Review page)



Property Repairs and Maintenance

Koitiata, Turakina, Whanganui, Rangitikei, Manawatu

Bathrooms, Kitchens, Renovations

Decks, Pergolas, Fences, Pre-paint Repairs

Tradesman 35 years’ experience

Phone Graeme at 022 690 5654 Or call at 7 Rapaki Street, Koitiata

Letter to the Editor

As a resident of Koitiata for 18 months I am disappointed that I/we have not been fully consulted in regard to the Spy Camera that is to be erected at the entrance to the village.

To me a Spy Camera suggest that the Koitiata Village has a crime problem that needs to be monitored.

Therefor making me feel I should treat everybody with suspicion.

Koitiata is a lovely friendly village, which I cherish.

I feel that we as a village community would be best to nurture our community environment rather than promote paranoia.

Lynda Marsh

5A Rapaki St

Greyhound Racing Night, Jim has organised another of his renowned Greyhound Racing trips to Wanganui for Friday 9th February 2018.

Bus departs from the hall at 5.30pm. $10.00 per head. Bookings are essential

Phone Robin at 327 3909 to book and if you need further information.

Water! It’s not too far back that we were complaining about how much there was. It was just lying around all over the place, but especially along the front of the village. Now we can’t get enough! There are tanks appearing on trailers and utes and big trucks and all bringing water into the village.

Follow the link RDC – Free Water to the Council web-site notice about their arrangements to give residents access to free water, (but not the cost of freight or other transport). 

Beach Xmas Tree – 2017


Xmas tree on the beach? Yes there is, and it has solar powered lights! We know Ken G. has too much time on his hands, but we do have to say, “Well played sir”


New Phone Directory is going to print after Xmas and will be available to residents sometime in January. 

If you have any last-minute changes to details or phone numbers, you had better be snappy. Email to or phone Eddy at 327 3676.


Pot Luck Dinner: next is 3rd February 2018. 

Craft get together: starting again 14th February

Koitiata In Review 2017  here 

The above link will take you to another page with a pictorial review of what has gone down in 2017 out here on the edge. (Well, mainly photos but of course there are a few words as expected.)


Lynda, 5a Rapaki Street, 327 3829. Email:

Eddy, 3 Rapaki Street, 327 3676. Email: