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#3 Spycam Facts?


Spycam Facts?

An anonymous undated circular headed “Facts about the Camera” was dropped into village letter boxes yesterday. You can view a copy HERE

It’s no wonder it was not signed. Imagine thinking that people would be fooled into believing it was a serious effort from ’the committee’ trying to placate the community’s concerns. The circular doesn’t provide the information being sought on the need for, or purpose of the Spycam, so it must be somebody trying to pull our legs.

It can’t be from ‘the committee’ because they would have acknowledged the genuine concerns in our community as to why our village entrance needs to be monitored by a Spycam. And they would have responded about the lack of community consensus for blowing thousands of dollars of community funds on a ‘pie-in-the-sky’ project.

Imagine somebody trying to convince residents that the Spycam is a lovely bit of Spy Tech. Imagine anybody thinking that the community is more interested in the workings of Spycams rather than hearing answers to questions about how they flippantly allocated themselves the authority to collect and retain people’s personal travel data. The author didn’t provide contact details for the authorised person that people can email to get their personal information removed. That shows that it must be someone having us on; ‘the committee’ would have complied with the Privacy Act and given us that information.

‘The committee’ would know that anybody wanting Spycam tech info would just use Google. And that they would learn all sorts of stuff about ongoing wear and tear and maintenance costs; and that they could also come across numerous studies which show that CCTV/Spycams are not the be-all and end-all for crime prevention or security provision. CCTV? And it would be known that if they dig deeper into Google they could even learn how to defeat CCTV cameras. No, if this circular had been from ‘the committee’ they would have told us the spurious reasons for their Spycam and why there has been a lack of community consultation.

We are also sure that if ‘the committee’ had written this circular, they would have told us that they accept that, maybe they have got a bit carried away, and they would have included an apology to those members of the community who are affronted by their actions.

So, “good one” to whoever the author is. Bit of a laugh while we patiently wait for the real ‘committee’ to provide real answers to our real concerns.

On behalf of those residents who also think it’s a joke,

Eddy, 3 Rapaki Street,

(06) 327 3676; email: eddymbeach AT gmail DOT com

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