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#4 Anonymous Joke

Another Anonymous Spycam Communication.

A communication just crying out for a response can be viewed here;  Anonymous supporter.pdf

Dear Anonymous Spycam Supporter Person,

Thank you for your “letter”. This reply is being posted here on the web-site because you failed to include your name and contact details. Your spending of $1 for postage suggests that communicating your Spycam support with other residents is something you value, but including your name is optional. So, it has been assumed that you would want your views and your modus operandi to be shared.

It will be comforting for other like-minded people in ‘your community’ to see that there is energy being applied into maintaining the ‘them and us’ mindset that has become prevalent in the village.

Your oft-repeated statement that to be informed of community matters, “should have attended meeting”, suggests that those who don’t are of some other group that do not deserve to be informed or consulted, and are thus designated to be in the non-included ‘them’ residents’ category. You are not alone with that belief, but you already know that.

Must have missed the notice where ‘committee meetings’ had now become ‘community meetings,’ and that attendance was now a prerequisite to being considered as suitable for community membership. Also, don’t recollect the change of meeting schedule to weekends to enable ‘weekenders’ to attend. It hasn’t? Perhaps they are therefore excluded from ‘community membership’ by default. A quote from an ‘weekender’ resident’s recent email: “(are the out of towners ever consulted?)

Koitiata has always prided itself on being a village with a ‘whole of community’ spirit in play. Imagine what a nuisance that would be if someone wanted to impose a ‘smoke and mirrors’ scheme onto our community. Imagine how difficult it would be if we had a community where all residents were considered as ‘us’ and we had inclusiveness as an ongoing prime community objective. Imagine living in a community where collective decisions are made. (Where’s John Lennon when we need him?)

Imagine also if people put their names on anonymous communications. If we had a real community, the anonymous writer would even get to spell Lynda’s name correctly. Something for you to work towards, refer to the phone directory if you get stuck.

So finally, thanks for your enlightened version of ‘community communication’. But if you are thinking that your self-appointed position of grandeur entitles you to anonymously scorn those who have contrarian views, you will be disappointed. Silencing those who don’t fall into line, will take a higher standard of effort than your angry and befuddled scribblings.

Keep it up, try harder, and don’t be disillusioned, your spelling will improve with practice.

Regards and other salubrious sea-side salutations, 

Eddy Mason

3 Rapaki Street,

Koitiata, 327 3676

PS. If you are going to be a regular at sending anonymous missives around the village you probably need to be a bit smarter with the ‘anonymousing’ bit. Don’t worry, we won’t embarrass you by telling the world who you are. Maybe.

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