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About Koitiata History

The centenary of Koitiata in 2017 presented an opportunity for the History of Koitiata project. It started with a folder of very early newspaper clippings and a box of photos from the 1920’s. Information from many other sources helped to create a collection with hundreds of documents, media clippings, maps, photos, and other data. Documents from Central Archives filled in many gaps and the story of Koitiata’s history was able to be created. This web site was established as the venue for that information, and most of the documents collected are available to view on this site.

100 Years At The Beach

“100 Years At The Beach” is the title of a book written by Koitiata resident Eddy Mason. The 40 page publication is a condensed view of Koitiata’s history, being focused on earlier years and the establishment of the village. The book and content is available in a pdf file format to read or download from this site.

How To Find You Way Around The History Pages

The History Menu system in the right column is only visible on the History pages.

  • Use the 100 Years At The Beach menu item to access copies of the book. They are available as low, medium and high resolution version pdf files.
  • The 100 Years At The Beach drop down menu V gives you access to the history topics as they are printed in the book. Each subject page includes a link to a copy of the relative book page(s) and access links to the documents relevant to that subject. Some documents may be linked to from several pages because of their multiple subject content.
  • The More menu at right gives access to additional subjects which, because of space restrictions, were not included in the book. There is information on those topics and links to the relevant documents.
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